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Welcome to our community Sign Up Now! Dec 25, Messages: They only said it wouldn't be in April.

What do you think? If its true I have a feeling its Xiumin. Feb 28, Messages: Jan 30, Messages: BTSVelvet , crystalqueen , bobbysilvia and 8 others like this. Mints Married to Veatchoi.

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May 25, Messages: Feb 25, Messages: I have no clue tbh Mar 16, Messages: Being really far up Chanyeol's Ass Location: Manic turtle has learned the ways. Dec 4, Messages: Queen , baeksong05 , crystalqueen and 9 others like this. Mar 5, Messages: Jan 16, Messages: Instead of smiling and being happy as always, he didn't smile and seemed quiet. Okay, so there has been rumors about Chen dating before , but they have recently resurfaced again.

A while ago, a few pictures of Chen [ supposedly, that is- but this guy does look exactly like Chen, so it probably is him ] and his alleged girlfriend had been posted online by the friend of the girl in this picture. Apparently, the friend got tired of the girlfriend [ remember, supposedly ] bragging all the time about her and Chen's relationship.

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His girlfriend had kept on bragging, so the friend got sick of it and as payback, the friend posted those pictures online. Thankfully , this incident down fast and Chen was seen as innocent in this all, so these rumors eventually ended. A few days ago, maybe even a week or so by now, these dating rumors were brought up again.

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Someone said that Jongdae had a girlfriend he met on Pinterest [ of all places.. Now, this sounds so unrealistic and funny tbh.

Here're 6 Kpop Idol Couples That Fans Believed Secretly Dated Each Other In The Past

Anyway, back to the subject, most of us found this unrealistic and brushed this all aside. But then people brought up supposed evidence to back this weak theory up, making it more strong than before. So if you didn't get what the heck is going on, I found an image to sum up these rumors in one!:. In the KPop Community, there are a ton of sasaengs.

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Y'all really think we will leave EXO bc of this new "dating rumours"? - Random - OneHallyu

Especially for more widely known groups [ like EXO ]. They have stalked and harassed many idols, even doing the extreme at times to gain their idol's attention.

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  5. Sasaengs will, as I've mentioned before, stalk their idols. They've stolen clothing and private information, going into their personal and private lives. This is an invasion of privacy, no one has the right to dig up anything from anyone's life without permission.

    Y'all really think we will leave EXO bc of this new "dating rumours"?

    Many sasaengs do this to idols, often bringing up past mistakes of the idols and private information. The reason I bring up this whole Chen scandal is to give people an example of sasaeng behavior. How do you think people know this girl's instagram, dug up their plane info and managed to snatch pictures of her and him? It's because of sasaengs and it isn't right. I know it's not the point of your post but: