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Noone in the world will ever be on the same level as my twin brother, no other family members, wife, children…. I agree with the author, I would want something just mine; always sharing everything, not having my own identity would get old really fast. However, in terms of humans, something can be casually said to be "the same" and not meaning "right down to their DNA same". I am a gay man named Miccia , with a husband name Steve we have two wonderful twins Ae-Cha Bea and In-Su Bay, because of a medical condition know as hermaphrodite making me half male and female organ so I could carry the twins myself.

Twins run every generation and triplet run every other generation in my family. My mother had triplets so her cousin Tony was scared to get pregnant. Tony was a twin. Tony waited a few years and ended up pregnant. She was so happy it was twins and not triplets like my mother. The girl looked just like her and the boy looked just like her brother twin , kinda cool. I think it is more amazing for a woman to carry multiple children natural than being that child of a multiple birth.

Identical Twins Marry Identical Twins and it Doesn’t End There!

Children of multiple births are blessed with their first best friend at birth that will always be around to the end. When I was growing up we had 2 identical twin brothers that married identical twin sisters. Both couples got pregnant twice at the same time. The first time they both had sons that looked very different, but the second time they both had daughters that look exactly alike. It was mind blowing.

How many times must this writer use "exact same" within this article?

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Maybe this goes along with the twin theme, but if two things are the same, then they are also exact. Besides this little gripe, this is an interesting article. Hi scp So good to read your story here! It took me ages to work out, but surely your mum and dad must have had the same surname before they married. Maybe if it is a common surname they may not have suspected they were related. Do tell me if they were the same, otherwise I have not been so successful as I thought working it out!

The only way I could grasp it was to substitute my family relations, imagining that two male siblings and two female siblings were actually twins. MY you do have an interesting family! What a brain-teaser though! Best wishes to you all. The best response to that is praise: Most people still have a hard time telling us apart. How about we both tell her that, together? The powers of observation and concentration are vastly greater in almost all of us during our first two years of life.

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With very few exceptions, we will never again be the equals of our youngest selves. EverydayFamily a subsidiary of Healthline Media Inc.

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