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We had no problem hooking up to in-home wiring All existing landline phones work. We use a combination of cordless and wired handsets. I would not recommend using a wireless adaptor for the network connection. That just introduces another weak link.

Always Cat-5 to the router. On to better things I have been tempted by Ooma, so hearing what peoples experiences have been is great. I have used skype, and even on a linux computer it works very well for me. I did go into my router and set it to give priority to voip , and that did improve it as large downloads could not hog bandwidth when I'm using skype.

One question about Ooma, can I take it with me when I travel and plug it into a network and receive phone calls like I am at home? While I have not done it, I believe you can since it is internet based. Better yet, you can use multi-ring to have it ring a cell phone number and just take the cellphone with you. I have also found the website helpful to check messages while traveling though now I just have any messages left sent to my email at the same time the message is left.

OOMA Review – My Complex Love Affair with OOMA

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Is that a part of the 'free' service, or is it part of the paid service - Ooma premier? Need help to set up Ooma at home. I bought an Ooma unit a while back but left on a long trip before I had time to set it up. I'm now back for a couple of weeks and am trying to figure out how to do this. Several items of concern that I have: I'm puzzled about what I need to do re: I assume there's some type of "connector" on the basement ceiling somewhere.

And do I simply unscrew the incoming cable? I want to have the base station Ooma Telo in my first floor kitchen for quick access to check for messages and to verify that the Ooma service is operational and my router is in a second-floor bedroom "home office". I have a seldom-used FAX machine located in the "home office" a few feet from the router , which would still be nice to have for the occasional time I need to FAX something. The wway the house is configured, it might be difficult to run a phone cable between the "home office" and kitchen.

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On the outside of your house, there should be a box where the legacy phone wire comes in. If you open that box with a screwdriver you should be able to disconnect the house phone lines from the external phone line. If you still have active traditional phone service, then this should be simple to test that you have done it correctly. Here is a picture and further details. Once the house is disconnected from the external legacy phone line, then you could plug the Ooma box into any phone jack and it should back feed the phone jacks in the rest of the house. When I set it up, I did 3 basic steps.

For one who fixes their own appliances, this should definitely be within your skill set. Attached Images Bell box exterior. Gauss, Do a thorough inspection inside the house. If that is the actual service box, you'd want to see where service wire bundle enters your home. Might be another box inside the home. BB code is On. I'm looking at selling a rental home How much do you spend on your home?

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The focus of the discussions is on topics related to early retirement and financial independence. The community is moderated to ensure a pleasant experience for our members. All times are GMT The time now is Click Here to Login. Page 1 of 2. Ooma whole house connection I'm looking for some feedback from Ooma owners. Picasso Give me a forum The following Ooma features are "free". Unlimited local and long distance calls one one phone line. Review of phone lines online.

Simulring ring another phone along with your Ooma line b. Magic 2nd line automatically access extra line with a phone from another scout or hub on the Ooma system when 1st line is busy c. Blacklists join or create custom reject lists for telemarketers, etc d. Voicemail forwarding to email, etc h. Custom Ringers And a few other features.

Are these features great? If you don't need these additional features then according to the 'fine print', Ooma is no charge for a period of at least three years. Current subscribers still get free service and apparently will forever. It's also worth noting that in the entire time I've had the system I've had maybe 2 or 3 outages that lasted for any appreciable period of time. Typically the system just works, day after day, month after month without even paying attention to it. I think that my wife reported a couple of weeks ago that a call home went straight to voicemail, so I rebooted the unit.

I might have things like that happen in a year. The cost of Ooma Premiere service has slightly gone up, but I still, in over 3. Don't believe the commonly seen Ooma "Core" ads anymore.

Ooma support staff will tell you there is no such thing as a "Core" system and will point you to the revised terms and conditions linked on the ooma. Previously activated "Core" systems are grandfathered in. Voicemail is no longer free with ANY newly activated system, except the first 60 days after activation as long as Ooma continues to give out Premier trials.

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The above policy change has been in effect for many months, yet some Ooma support staff still don't uniformly or fully understand it. Many web sites, including ads here on amazon. Unlike standard CallerID service from baby bells, Vonage, and other companies, the standard CallerID service from Ooma only includes the number, not the name.

Unlike Hubs, Ooma Telos do not issue the loop control signals on the home phone line that some older phone equipment such as answering machines use to detect callers hanging up. You might need other new equipment to go with a Telo. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. First of all, let me say, based on the reviews here, I purchased the Core system that comes with the scout.

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I had thought that this meant I would NOT be charged the monthly fee as it wasn't the latest unit. I had some issues hooking this up as it turns out the wiring in my house was not done correctly but that did get resolved. I found out I didn't need the scout unless I wanted a 2nd line. What I do notice, and this may be because I'm on 1. I get intermittent times with dropped voice sounds During the daytime, especially mornings, it is fine.

It is nice to have long distance for free. I didn't have caller ID before, and that is nice. Like I said, you don't need the scout unless you want a 2nd line. I have mine set up so my home answering machine answers first. If I'm on the phone and someone calls, they can leave a message on the Ooma machine which I like. I would recommend this if wanting to save on home phone service If you want more than 1 line, get this one. The customer service has been good so far India. The only way to save the monthly charge is if you activated your OOMA years ago and haven't changed it since.

If you purchase a used unit, which was activated prior to the charges, you will have to pay to re-activate it and thus the monthly charge will happen. One person found this helpful.